Be honest to yourself!

Be honest to yourself!

Telling a story is a demanding and frustrating yet rewarding and satisfying process.
Feedback and criticism is a constant concern. Engaging an audience whilst being ethical yet truthful is a balance that entails time, passion and an open mind to learn.

A desire to entertain – an ideal form of helping people in need of societal change!
Learning the ways of telling a story through a lens has inspired me to explore photography.

Photos through the eyes of my first insight to a 3rd world country – during a controversial time involving the executions of Andrew Chan and Muyuran Sukumaran…proving how close I will get to ‘the other side‘. 


‘Turning a blind eye’ is an outlet that society uses to ignore the reality of brutality in the world, hence my drive to specialise in Human Rights Journalism. Emersion and expansion of human rights is continuous and for this reason it is essential for myself to create media attention in this field. Gaining firsthand knowledge of the hardships in finance and bullying, I am able to vision the impact of enhancing human rights; political, social, economic and individual rights.

The ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge‘ and the ‘weight gain‘ of ‘P!NK’ takes up irrelevant media attention.
Teens fixated upon ‘fuller lips‘, instead of fuller brains baffles me! The popularity and entertainment of fighting or bullying is beyond me.
I aspire to provide relatable and useful information that raises confidence rather then unravelling new insecurities upon many. A commitment to enhance change amongst society – assistance and help is deserved across all ages of society.

Idols who inspire me are people like –
Edward Snowden – technological expert collaborating with comedian expert John Oliver, use collective knowledge to provide society with useful information about The Government.

Shaking legs, quivering lips and sweaty palms would become me if leaches, bombs and sauce came across me in my duties. However, the need to achieve accelerates my level of motivation even further. Therefore, no intensity of fear and anxiety would prevent a 19 year old female from obtaining a relationship from my resources.
I ‘wear the pants’ in following my dream. By saying encountering challenges and obstacles will be easy, would mean I am invincible. Unfortunately, I am not. Nevertheless, I will manage my countless fears as I continue – much like those accomplishments in Journalism thus far.

A happy and healthy lifestyle is my main priority.
Money is everywhere and everything to some. It may mean nothing or everything to some. I lay somewhere in between; Being of a ‘sole-parent family’, I have struggled with money throughout my childhood, hence my motivation in reaching my full potential in Journalism.

Opinions of many have expressed ‘journalism isn’t reliable’ therefore I am studying a double degree to keep my options as open as possible, however my passion is to make a change in society. Possibilities of voluntary work is on the agenda for my career, however, I am aware of the “lack of jobs” in this field.

Despite my motivation and love for the subject, my age does bring about confusion in what my future will bring. I do know for sure, I will be successful.