The large leap!

The large leap!

I am no longer a child; I am an adult with REAL responsibilities for my future. As a result of leaving High School I personally faced numerous obstacles both socially and mentally, adapting to the new norm of studying; a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Journalism. There are many aspects of University that are in which very different to High School routines. Let’s begin with adapting to the changes of parking methods; never in my schooling years was it necessary to pay for parking, nor drive around for 1 hour only to find a parking bay so far from my lecture hall it was almost pointless to drive! Alternatively at UOW I feel socially accepted by everyone. I walk into large rooms full of students and do not experience feelings of judgement or exclusion. There is a need and want to learn, which is very refreshing; during school years if you perceived as smart and enjoyed learning it wasn’t tolerated socially…often referred to as a “nerd” or “teacher’s pet”. Coming from a single parent family, I have never really experienced the rich lifestyle of fancy cars, homes and of course money pouring out of my ears; therefore during school I always felt like an outcast. Nevertheless there are other students at University that also have to budget, which assists me to more proud of who I am.

In terms of learning, every student has something special to offer and so much to gain out of UOW; I was pleasantly surprised of the lecture and tutorial styles. At first I was not used to people so eager to learn in comparison to the smelly classroom with people who were forced to be at school, not to mention the classroom above with the continuous sound of stools rocking against tiled floor…let me tell you, Distracting! Although I have never had to pay for my education, the desire to learn from my colleagues creates an environment that reflects maturity and gives me a sense of comfort in expressing my personal opinions; making the constant flow of money pouring out of my bank account for the latest edition in textbooks all worth it.

Deciding what to wear each day is never easy, even with a uniform! Now imagine how much my brain explodes each morning for a free dress code! I mean, it is wonderful knowing I am not defying the schools dress code, however walking through the pathways of UOW only to see a diverse range of summer outfits is a little intimidating. After all, the anxiety that comes with walking through the jail-like gates of school is strikingly different to walking through the community of UOW; a fresh atmosphere, wonderland of smiles, bouncing music and popping personalities…well, once I understand the A-MAZE-ING building of 19…so easy to navigate! To conclude my overall experience in adjusting to the incredible change from High School to the ‘real world’ of University I continuously count my blessings; to be given an opportunity for a fresh start and to take full control of my own future!