But, my profile is on ‘private’…

But, my profile is on ‘private’…

“You better not send that photo of me to anyone on snap-chat
“Who cares, no one will see it except Chelsea…” 


There is nothing worse than someone who uploads an unwanted photo of you to social media platforms
…it is even worse when you realise it is obtainable by anyone!

Individuals are so consumed with entertainment via media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Using social media to display ourselves to our peers, colleagues and family is when we decide a catchy caption for a ‘cute selfie‘ to upload to Instagram, or a 400 second Snapchat story of a ‘fabulous’ night out on the town.

However individuals like myself, rarely take notice or delve into the lack of control we have over our personal information, data, and pictures. Over the history of having multiple social media platforms, I have uploaded many photos to “Private” albums for my Social media ‘friends’ to view. My naivety became apparent when it wasn’t to my knowledge that once I upload an image or ‘status‘ that it is in fact, no longer mine!

I began to question my place in social media and also, where I granted to permission for a random to ‘own’ or ‘control‘ my private information – Reading over the rigmarole of ‘terms and conditions’ that I agreed to and all in which I never once read, my naivety was never more distinct!

Rarely would I consider that wild, drunk’n and careless nights that are caught on camera, would could come back to haunt me…Other than the fear of my Mother seeing what I really got up to! Owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg and Snapchat, Evan Spiegal have the ‘right’ and power to access the photos were thought to be deleted – placed into the mysterious ‘cyber space‘. Not only accessible by media platform owners but almost anyone with a nifty hacking device and a brain to match.

Although individuals have a diverse range of ideologies, personally I have come to the realisation that individuals do need to be more aware of who owns the media – it does matter who regulates, controls and has the power to view personal information. It is important to know WHAT and WHO your subjecting to.  Platforms such as Telstra have the power to access messages – ‘Sexting‘ between your loved one, is not private. This also means that intimate photos originally encoded and decoded between 2 individuals are now virtually attainable to anyone. Employers are able to view recent and past posts from your social media forums. Therefore a humorous video which is uploaded to Facebook or Instagram may be depict whether you are eligible to be hired.

A ‘Blasts from the past’ inhibiting opportunities is not how I in-vision my future. Hence why a cautious attitude, while creating an online profile/history is necessary on all platforms for all individuals!

Just a small video from a media platform ‘dubsmash‘ owned by Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik. Little did I know that being silly in my own home, could possibly ‘bite me in the back’ in the future!

The image Can lie

The image Can lie

If you have experience riding the free bus to UOW, then I’m sure you all know what this sign means; those who have higher priority in sitting on the seats that are available. Our culture may also depict whether we take this sign into account – some cultures disregard signs, where as I consider moving as sign of ‘respect’.


“Hey, Splatterface! How’s the weather up there? Ha Ha”


Although this image seems to be straight forward, there is a sense of complexity which triggers thought and analyses.

Semiotics… I get it; SEMIOTICS is probably so irrelevant to you at this point. Well, individual’s use semiotics every time they view, understand, interpret and perceive the meaning of an image or sign. People have different ideologies, hence why the image above may mean different things to different people. Our ideologies stem from past experience, cultures, race, religion, family structure and gender.

Denotations and connotations paint the interpretation of an image; the denotation of the message is clear, obvious and easy to understand…a word or digital code. However in this image, the dialogue may create different interpretations to different people. The tone of the dialogue, ‘ha ha’ is the way in which our brain reads the image. Therefore outsiders who can  only decode the message through denotation, because the message of the image could mean many things…To some nationalities, the word choice of ‘ha ha’ may not decode a message of laughter and teasing. This dialogue may be used as a way to say ‘pardon?’.

“huh, what’d you say mate?”

…Therefore the way the receiver decodes the signifier, may be completely different to the intended message of the image by the sender.

Another way of reading an image is by analysing the setting, positioning of focal point and lighting…these techniques used in an image create meaning, which almost tells the narrative or story of the image. However, because this image is a cartoon, our brain cannot decode the message through this way.

Therefore, if the message of the image isn’t clear due to having multiple meanings, it is the individuals personal analyses of the image – that in which determines or alters the interpretation or perception!

…Leading me to ‘connotations’; ‘what in in the image’ rather than ‘what the image is’. When I look at the image, the ‘signified’ is the character due to my past experience of watching the cartoon, ‘The Simpsons’. Being a fan of the TV show my interpretation of the image automatically understands the message of the image to be a form of bullying. My ideologies towards the character are negative – however, depending on different school experiences, other individuals may have diverse ideologies or outlooks upon the image; such as humour. 

If however, our culture, age or religion doesn’t correlate with this TV show, our connotations would be completely different. If one didn’t view ‘The Simpsons’, the individual would possibly interpret the image as a joke, funny or light-hearted. The facial expressions and dialogue may express the character as playful, comical and kind.

This image is a good example that things are not what they seem. The signifier (the word) enables a very broad response from individuals. Therefore depending on how far the individual analysis and or ideologies of an image, the interpretation could be very different from what the message of the image is.

The large leap!

The large leap!

I am no longer a child; I am an adult with REAL responsibilities for my future. As a result of leaving High School I personally faced numerous obstacles both socially and mentally, adapting to the new norm of studying; a double degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Journalism. There are many aspects of University that are in which very different to High School routines. Let’s begin with adapting to the changes of parking methods; never in my schooling years was it necessary to pay for parking, nor drive around for 1 hour only to find a parking bay so far from my lecture hall it was almost pointless to drive! Alternatively at UOW I feel socially accepted by everyone. I walk into large rooms full of students and do not experience feelings of judgement or exclusion. There is a need and want to learn, which is very refreshing; during school years if you perceived as smart and enjoyed learning it wasn’t tolerated socially…often referred to as a “nerd” or “teacher’s pet”. Coming from a single parent family, I have never really experienced the rich lifestyle of fancy cars, homes and of course money pouring out of my ears; therefore during school I always felt like an outcast. Nevertheless there are other students at University that also have to budget, which assists me to more proud of who I am.

In terms of learning, every student has something special to offer and so much to gain out of UOW; I was pleasantly surprised of the lecture and tutorial styles. At first I was not used to people so eager to learn in comparison to the smelly classroom with people who were forced to be at school, not to mention the classroom above with the continuous sound of stools rocking against tiled floor…let me tell you, Distracting! Although I have never had to pay for my education, the desire to learn from my colleagues creates an environment that reflects maturity and gives me a sense of comfort in expressing my personal opinions; making the constant flow of money pouring out of my bank account for the latest edition in textbooks all worth it.

Deciding what to wear each day is never easy, even with a uniform! Now imagine how much my brain explodes each morning for a free dress code! I mean, it is wonderful knowing I am not defying the schools dress code, however walking through the pathways of UOW only to see a diverse range of summer outfits is a little intimidating. After all, the anxiety that comes with walking through the jail-like gates of school is strikingly different to walking through the community of UOW; a fresh atmosphere, wonderland of smiles, bouncing music and popping personalities…well, once I understand the A-MAZE-ING building of 19…so easy to navigate! To conclude my overall experience in adjusting to the incredible change from High School to the ‘real world’ of University I continuously count my blessings; to be given an opportunity for a fresh start and to take full control of my own future!


Be conscious of cyber-bullying!

Be conscious of cyber-bullying!

Bullying hurts however never ending bullying is even more draining; going home to a myriad of hurtful messages, statuses and photos about you broadcast all over media makes you feel helpless and ashamed. You can’t jump through the computer screen and delete the disgraceful assumptions made about you for humour, being someone’s source of laughter and conversation for an hour at the expense of your emotional well being. TELL ME ABOUT IT… I UNDERSTAND.

Look to your right, you’ll perceive the photos on my Instagram as a very happy young girl… I am, now. Overcoming cyber bullying was rough, difficult and at times soul destroying. Nevertheless being a victim of bullying has helped me grow as a person. By developing techniques in how to handle different kinds of people, I am able to help others who are in need of advice on how to cope and manage situations like cyber-bullying. Experiencing cyber bullying has guided me in a direction where I never want to make another person feel the way I or my family previously did, however some victims of cyber-bullying in fact become the bully…

Social media is an enormous network, almost a whole other world; our information that used to be kept secret is now broadcasted all over the media.The effect of the media on society has caused great concern for many years; however recently, the vast growth in technology especially among youth has become a major social anxiety. Ultimately the way people use networking sites determines whether their personal lives remain secretive and private, in comparison to being open for the public. Therefore if you do not manage your privacy settings of your networking sites, may give others the opportunity to unleash their inner judgement, critique and at times brutal comments that may have a negative effect upon your life. Being spoken to in a disrespectful manner, especially in relation to your personal choices in life is never stress-free or uplifting. However, the way in which us as individual’s respond or react to personal attacks determines whether one moves forward or is virtually stuck in a vicious cycle; Cyber-bullying.

Due to the great effect that cyber bullying has in today’s society creates a fear that rocks the nation; happiness, confidence and lives are being taken away every day. Cyber bullying may stem from one’s perception of another individual’s choice in fashion…often referred to as being ‘too revealing’ ‘inappropriate’ and at times being talked about as an ‘attention seeker’. Instead of society blaming social media for constant online bullying they should delve deeper into the notion that if people weren’t concerned about what other individuals wore, than cyber-bullying wouldn’t occur. Social media is often put to blame for the effect upon individuals, rather than society fixing the problem; that we as human’s can have malicious opinions that may cause a negative impact. Due to the fact that cyber-bullying is very prevalent in youth, institutions such as schools should create awareness and coping skills to manage feelings of jealousy, anger or hatred towards another person; normal emotions that us as humans face throughout our lives, which in fact trigger cyber-bullying. Therefore the media shouldn’t be to blame for increased suicide, depression and anxiety rates. Although networking cites enable cyber-bullying, society should delve into and reconsider where the harsh words are originating from; a person, not a computer.

While social media is processed through a ‘screen’, we unfortunately do not see people’s reaction to interactions with one and other. By not seeing the person’s reaction, one that is cyber-bullying is less likely to experience feelings of empathy and sorrow, resulting in a continuous sequence. Therefore by joining social networking sites it is essential for individuals to choose their social networking ‘friendswisely. Also the way in which we display ourselves on social media vastly affects our position in the ‘firing line’ for cyber bullying…how you present yourself in an image on social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram, may provoke cyber-bullying. However, to blame or question social media as the cause or enabler of ‘cyber-bullying’ is unjust and unfair; society needs to recognise the social, cultural and background of each person who chooses to cyber-bully. The question should be why are members of society using such an incredible resource originally designed for worldwide interaction for putting people down!

This video puts into perspective that it is denial that assists in continuing cyber-bullying!

The blame game

The blame game


Featured image

Feeling self-conscious of your appearance is never uplifting or confidence boosting.

Today I was looking at Dahla and wondered if she ever felt self conscious about having one eye, I then looked at Max and contemplated if he ever had to overcome any social challenges with missing teeth. I realised that they’re animals and don’t have these obstacles in life, but human’s face the obstacle of insecurities on a daily basis.

The media is often shunned in a ‘bad light’ due to the alleged causes of anxieties amongst the ‘victims’ of society – the youth, uneducated, working class and women.

I believe over time the ‘media’ has become entertainment for humans; ultimately a resource we now cannot live without. It is our source of conversation, communication and even online learning/shopping…Lunch dates have become phone calls, meaningful face to face conversations are now developed behind a small screen losing all sense of purpose and emotion. Children used to spend Christmas days outside with their neighbourhood friends on a new bike; now they’re spent inside on the latest iPhone – Young girls are introduced to Instagram and Facebook at earlier ages, where they’re faced with photo shopped pictures of their role models, leaving nothing but insecurities and jealousy issues. Eating disorders and bullying are on the rise due to the lack of empathy from peers; people no longer  witness the impact of harsh words. Therefore schools should promote and create more awareness of the impact of Cyber bullying, rather than assign a minor consequences of a lunch time detention for those students who do in fact cyber bully.

Although I begin to feel older, when I take a step back and notice the threat that technology is taking over our lives; I come to realise that it isn’t the Smartphone’s fault that we are antisocial – unable to navigate ourselves with the good old ‘street maps’.

Reality TV shows broadcasted all over the world purely based on sex, drugs and alcohol; Geordie shore, Jersey shore, The Valleys are causing adolescent’s to exchange barbie doll’s for vodka. However society doesn’t realise that these humorous icons broadcast over the media, shouldn’t be to blame. Therefore the parents who don’t use technologies such as channel blocking to their advantage are the cause for the increase in children losing their innocence.

Music used to be based on love, friendship and living free…now, purely based on sex, drugs and alcohol. Personally as an adult, music is an outlet to enjoy life. I enjoy listening to a range of music on the way to UOW or to the ‘club’, therefore I argue why should artist’s have to change their genre or style of music for the sake of the uneducated/adolescents – who in fact use this resource as an excuse to make poor choices such as alcohol abuse. Again, the artists should not be shamed… parents should not allow their children to be exposed to explicit music videos or songs. It is the level of knowledge and education that  an individual has which impacts our actions, of mirroring icons in the media or using the resource as an outlet to relax and be entertained.

The dialogue and image of this video is very, well…’rude’. However if the parents monitored the sites that their children are able to view, then they would not be exposed to adult themes.

Post your thoughts on media effects below 📷💻🎥

Step into my world!

Step into my world!

Yum! Is that chocolate? I just cannot get enough.

Featured image

Oh hello there! I’m Amy, an original small town girl attached to the hip of my family!

I guess you could say I am a big kid. Although, I am that ‘cousin’ at a 10 year old birthday party still playing pass the parcel, I am also the one to go to for help in any circumstance.

This brings me to my goal; to become an English High School teacher due to my passion for writing or a journalist because I love to entertain, hence why I study a double degree in Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of communication and media studies at UOW … Wow what a tongue twister!

You’d think because I love reading and writing that it would be a passion that I was born with, however I was in fact a student who was tutored during primary school and was failing throughout my schooling years up until I repeated year 11! My new English teacher showed me all the basic techniques and skills in writing; placing 2nd in year 12 English gave me inspiration to guide students just like me.

Hmm, what do I do for fun!?

By day… Anything with a football, referee and a team of players I am ready to go! 7 years of competitive soccer, alongside touch football, netball and squad swimming.

When people mention ‘home’, most people vision a house where as I vision the beach!
The feeling of the crashing waves in conjunction with the sunshine striking my skin whilst my toes engulf in the sand exhilarates me and I just can’t get enough! Although I like to get down and dirty, you’ll probably witness me at the mall as a result of my obsession with clothes, fashion, and food! I take pleasure in watching romantic movies much like ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Crossroads’ because I am in love with the idea of love…which brings me to my boyfriend, Josh. He is definitely nothing short of perfect!

I am a perfectionist (currently editing this post) therefore my nail polish needs to be on point and my hair has to be straight, always. For this reason don’t be surprised if I whip out my hair straightener or nail polish anywhere, anytime.

I guess its hard to believe that a book worm and a sports fanatic would even remotely enjoy the night life; however, I take interest in the pounding noise of the latest music in clubs packed full of people!
Partying and nightclubs are not only a place to for me let my hair down and get a little wild, it is also a place where I can dance and socialise!

My mother thinks I am human with batteries that just won’t die due to my full on life style and need to keep busy!

Well before I bore you to Pluto and back, I’ll wrap it up here! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about what I learn at UOW!

N E V E R  F O R G E T  T O  S M I L E
N E V E R    F O R G E T   T O   S M I L E