Hello AGAIN!

Hello AGAIN!

It’s been 8 months or longer, since I have given my blog any attention! Life has been busy but great, so with that being said I thought I would update you on the past year!

I have just finished my first year at AIME mentoring as a presenter – and my goodness was it life changing.

Aime stands for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience and 150 staff and 2000 mentors head out to high schools all around Australia to walk along side Indigenous Students through school. Our goal for our students is to not only make it to either Uni, Tafe or obtain an apprenticeship, but to live a balance healthy life inside and out of school. The way the program runs, is we enter their high schools and tutor them in the subjects that they may need assistance in for the first half of the year. The second half of the year is where the magic happens. We invite students all around the Illawarra region, into the University so they can get can not only get a taste of how different University is to high school, but also to show them that making it to university achievable and they can do anything that they put their minds to.

Now this is where I come in…

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As (sometimes) hundreds of nervous, lost, excited, anxious and ready students walk in to my room, I breathe, pump music, welcome them in and wipe any sweat thats on the inside of my palms off.

Mentors walk in amongst the students, as they take a seat I breathe and dance shaking off any nerves that I have so that I am ready to kick off a killer session for these amazing people.

As it all goes quite, I share personal stories about myself, both funny and heartfelt, in hope to move and inspire the amazing students and mentors. I work hard to link my stories to the activity that the students will be undertaking. The link between the storytelling and the logistics of the activity have to be clear and concise, otherwise I would have a room full of students who won’t understand the point of the activity. Stage training and a lot of practice goes into making each session pop, and every session I literally learn something new! #alwayslearning

While I deliver the content, the mentors personalise it which we like to call it #mentormagic. Believe me it is like magic. They inspire students by opening the doors to success and happiness, just by believing in them. The room is full of smiles and sometimes tears, because the mentors delve deep into personal stories, and experiences.

Sometimes the students get up and present their speeches, or say their dreams out loud. It is so incredible to be a part of watching each individual student accomplish so much in 1 session. I have been lucky enough to witness each student grow as a person, and develop confidence, motivation, determination and drive to be successful and chase after their dreams. They overcome so much each time they come to the University and the relationships between one and another are indescribable.

If you want to know more head to the AIME website – and don’t forget to grab a tee, or hoodie like me! Everyone is wearing them, you’d be weird if you don’t.

“I swear all I see at the UOW now is those bright AIME hoodies that you wear Amy!” 


Aside from my deadly students, I developed as a presenter and a person too.

‘Aimeing’ to inspire many other people, leaves the door open to reflection and self growth. I have learnt more about myself in the last year then over my whole life. Learning to listen to people and their stories is a powerful skill, that I will continue to learn for the rest of my life. That is inside and outside of the AIME world. By actively listening can change lives, build friendships, and relationships. Being mindful of others, and how different each individual is in this world has strengthened my relationship with my family especially. As it is easier to reason, and understand other peoples though processes.

The most important thing that I have learnt is to always appreciate the small things in life. Surround yourself with positive people to inhale positive energy into your mind, body and soul, and you will then exhale good vibes into the universe! YEAH BRAH its that simple!

I won’t go on forever, but AIME is definitely an experience and I highly suggest ANYONE to get amongst it!


Now as some of you may have notice throughout my daily instagram selfies, and sometimes #doubleuploads, I am now an Aunty to the most incredible Niece ever.

Day trips to the shops are definitely eventful with Aunty.

Lexi Lee, is the highlight to my life. I don’t know how or what life was like before she was born, I can not even imagine going home of an after noon after work and not seeing her smile or not so cuddley personality – (one day I won’t have to force the cuddles).


Now my blog wouldn’t be my blog without a picture of my one and only indescribable family.

Each and every single one of these people guide, inspire and teach me ways to work on myself and flow through life easily and happily. Support is a weapon they use to build me up and encourage me to keep going every day!

Nothing but love for each and every single one of them!

…and hey! We have 5 GENERATIONS!



And finally my beautiful boyfriend.

Each day I fall more in love with his calm, happy and understanding personality.

It’s so cool to have someone by my side as fun as you.

I love you 


Be happy, Be you.



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