The price we pay to have ‘human rights’

The price we pay to have ‘human rights’

A fierce topic that forces one to question the futility of life; if it is just a battle for basic human rights.

To turn a blind eye to issues in other countries, in favour of your priorities is standard in Society.

4 journalism students opened up about their goals and aspirations to make a positive change in society.


“I literally just want everyone to feel free like me!” 

Without realisation, individual’s pass judgement; ideologies are developed upon dress code, hair styles and life choices. No opinion or assumption of Lauren will stop her from enjoying life, even if her actions are not socially acceptable or ‘normal’. This 18 year old has a need to create awareness upon the impact of nasty glares or laughter based off of torment.
Following her dream to entertain, and a high intolerance for bullying, Allen strives to use Journalism to enforce acceptance of individuality. Vibrant teen claims “By focusing on adolescents in schools, I aim to inspire teens to who they are, at any time, anywhere!”

Lauren Allen 

“I can not even watch ‘those type’ of movies without feeling angry”

A concerned journalism student believes there is not enough coverage presented in the to prevent human trafficking. A threatening business taking away the freedom for children and adults to live without the fear of being taken, abused and killed. Enraged Brianna Gibbs is on a mission to create awareness through press coverage, writing and travelling overseas. A determined female prepared to force change upon the world – and who knows, it may be your life that this 19 year old might save!

Brianna Gibbs

“Although money is important, my need to stop discrimination is essential.”

Experience in a media agency opened Catherine’s world to presenting information accurately instead of false and manipulated news. Motivated 18 year old wants to experiment with all fields of human rights journalism, however has high hopes to travel internationally. Opinions involving the equality and fairness, globally intrigues Wilson. Politics motivate her belief that “everyone should be treated equal”. Judgment caused by sexuality, race, gender, and religion irritates wilson; enhancing her drive to write effective awareness in the media about the type of human rights she does not feel are being met.

Catherine Wilson 

“I enjoy helping people through writing!”

‘Dean’s scholar’ student has the need to explore all fashions of writing. Also used as an escape from his past. A way to stop all forms of discrimination.  A way to help others dealing with their sexuality; a secret that has empowered Kurtis Hughes to help others. Now, this 18 year old wants to face the public to help children, adults and families dealing with the negative connotations surrounding particular nationalities, sexuality, and differences. Basing his writing on all forms of inequality, this inspiring teen aims to create articles about the effects of bullying, as a result of difference in today’s society. The harsh truth that there is minimal support on ‘Gay marriage’ or ‘religion’. This teen won’t stop typing until these rights are legal, globally!

Kurtis Hughes


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