Arrangements re-arranged…

Arrangements re-arranged…

Puberty is relentless. Confusion and embarrassment has its own course – a tricky stage in which any girl struggles to find a happy median.
Achieving and succeeding is essential for small town sweetheart Kim. Motivation and determination becomes paramount in her studies, hence why the 19 year old had struggled to tolerate neighbourhood ‘street worms’ – or in other words, people who reeked of immaturity. An indescribable level of intolerance for neighbour Cooper would fill a whole room with tension. Staggering glares and evident sighs made family gatherings unbearable for the two adolescents.

“I would constantly compare how different I was to other girls, especially my age.” 

Being the eldest of 3 made establishing her identity and independence challenging. Makeup, nail polish and alcohol were almost a must for teenagers to fit in; however for this blonde academic, it was not. A free spirit who loved the outdoors made fitting in difficult.


Kim’s smile became more evident when reminiscing on where she found acceptance and inclusion most reachable. Words that accidentally steered her future into the opposite direction.

Pink cheeks and sweaty palms became Kim when the words “you’re the most beautiful girl in here” escaped Cooper’s mouth. At the breath of this comment Kim’s ideologies and opinions altered…feelings of irritation, quickly shifted to a child-hood crush.

Three years later, a relationship full of love, laughter and lust: Dreams and goals became shared. The two high school Valentines were about to take on a quest together. A plan to move out of a small-town, Griffith. Conquering the “BIG and BAD” University of Wollongong (UOW). With reason, the two were filled with excitement and motivation, accompanied with smiles that were undeniable, as they looked at their overflowing suitcases.

Unfortunately with a week to go, life forced Kim to make a decision too tough to digest. Again, words changed her feelings and whole perception. “Connor wasn’t accepted into UOW”. The torn teen emotionally shut down as an incomprehensible decision had to be made in a short period.

Her clear direction was challenged; the obscurity and fear of her unrecognisable future dampened her spirit. A remarkable decision to face University alone, proved her resilience to hardships. “I miss him and don’t want space or distance to tear us apart” Kim expressed softly as tears surfaced to her eyes.

A text message sent from Connor sent Kim’s nerves off the planet, “I’m coming to Wollongong to see you.” Kim had nothing but a dry mouth, and hair adjusted by the wind. “I couldn’t sit still, I had so many butterflies!” Kim expressed. A short visit that sparked emotions of happiness and joyfulness, which left the teens fulfilled and content.

In a society where alcohol is on the agenda, Kim will continuously encounter struggles to be accepted; and accept others for moral differences. Although daily reminders will wander in and out of her mind as an outcome of addressing emotions and consequences for leaving her lover behind, Kim has overcome identity and independence issues. “I have established my goal in becoming a fashion editor and I am learning how to live out of home without any assistance!” excitedly expressed Kim.

For some, University is a place to explore hidden or known talents. For Kim, it is an adjustment.


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