Culture shock //

Culture shock //

A Montage of memories to my first insight of a 3rd world country!

What an eye opener – The comparison to streets in Australia is completely different to the main highway, so you say in Bali.

The heat smothers your sunburnt chest and sweaty face, but there is nothing more refreshing that a cocktail at a local bar. For some Bali is chaotic, for me Bali is peaceful. Despite going to bali right in the middle of a media frenzy (the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran) I was able to explore my spiritual side.

To go from mimco bags priced at $100 to locals walking around with no shoes brought me back down to Earth. It doesn’t matter about the fast cars or latest phones in bali, it is about people. The locals are connected and explore beaches, bars, and go on bush walks!

We are all the same, but why are we so different.


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