Reflection – constructive criticism

Reflection – constructive criticism

How often do you say ‘I love you’?
This heart wrenching vox pop makes you question how often you express your love, so pick up the tissues, and phone a loved one today.

Extended edit

An extended video with both strengths and weaknesses – The interviewer asked relevant questions to the topic, which led to in depth answers. Certainly clear, concise and rememberable, the sound was exceptional.

Although the interview was random, real emotion was conveyed through storytelling of real issues people do face. Being drawn into personal stories a connection with the characters was established!

A range of nationalities added flavour.

I believe further editing is necessary – although the extended answers did add to the tone/mood and intrigued me incredibly!

Short edit

The short edited voxpop kept me engaged the entire time – my mind didn’t wonder!

The stories were not as relatable and did’t trigger high feelings of empathy in comparison to extended video!

The tone and mood was not as melancholy or sombre – outweighed by uplifting stories!

Both were interesting and relatable.


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