Adjusting to the ‘Uni life’

Adjusting to the ‘Uni life’

“Positive vibes into the universe, please!”


Most individuals have financial concerns, especially whilst keeping up with the ‘uni life‘ – a high demand of expensive textbooks and technologies. Therefore, when I catch the ‘free bus‘, I imagine my bank account smiling. However, is it that simple?

Forgetting to set your alarm for an 8:30 am start, makes running for a bus packed full of sweaty students, only to repeat it after a long day of soaking up information at UOW, not exactly comfortable!

Without eliminating negative thoughts about the free bus, one may find it difficult to keep up with the workload of being a student. Personally, $8 dollars spent on parking should be spent on items more important…clothes!


2 thoughts on “Adjusting to the ‘Uni life’

  1. Amy, in your post I definitely get a sense of you, and your uni life experience, and your use of links is really well integrated. However, although there’s nothing wrong with the image itself, I don’t feel that there is anything special about it, perhaps an alternative angle or blurring the background may of helped?
    Nice work overall.


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