UNIVERSITY LIFE – Circumstances have changed!

UNIVERSITY LIFE – Circumstances have changed!

“But I didnt procrastinate”

Walking through the wonderful atmosphere at UOW in between tutorials and lectures is refreshing! Learning is a mindset, it doesn’t need to be difficult nor frustrating, instead it can be enjoyable and uplifting.

During High School sleepless nights was a lifestyle, completing an assignment the night before, never caused too much stress. No obstacle or race against time could stop me from whipping an essay together and achieving high marks.

Being a first year at UOW I am well-prepared and eager to complete my projects. Therefore being rushed to hospital days before an assignment vastly increased my stress levels. Being in all sorts of panic, much like any teenage girl, I thought I was going to die – not related to my health but because of my unfinished task!

The relationship between the teacher and students is different to High school, therefore feelings of “just deferring” diminished when my tutorial teacher was nothing short of understanding of my circumstance. This experience taught me the lesson to take one obstacle at a time!


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