But, my profile is on ‘private’…

But, my profile is on ‘private’…

“You better not send that photo of me to anyone on snap-chat
“Who cares, no one will see it except Chelsea…” 


There is nothing worse than someone who uploads an unwanted photo of you to social media platforms
…it is even worse when you realise it is obtainable by anyone!

Individuals are so consumed with entertainment via media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Using social media to display ourselves to our peers, colleagues and family is when we decide a catchy caption for a ‘cute selfie‘ to upload to Instagram, or a 400 second Snapchat story of a ‘fabulous’ night out on the town.

However individuals like myself, rarely take notice or delve into the lack of control we have over our personal information, data, and pictures. Over the history of having multiple social media platforms, I have uploaded many photos to “Private” albums for my Social media ‘friends’ to view. My naivety became apparent when it wasn’t to my knowledge that once I upload an image or ‘status‘ that it is in fact, no longer mine!

I began to question my place in social media and also, where I granted to permission for a random to ‘own’ or ‘control‘ my private information – Reading over the rigmarole of ‘terms and conditions’ that I agreed to and all in which I never once read, my naivety was never more distinct!

Rarely would I consider that wild, drunk’n and careless nights that are caught on camera, would could come back to haunt me…Other than the fear of my Mother seeing what I really got up to! Owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg and Snapchat, Evan Spiegal have the ‘right’ and power to access the photos were thought to be deleted – placed into the mysterious ‘cyber space‘. Not only accessible by media platform owners but almost anyone with a nifty hacking device and a brain to match.

Although individuals have a diverse range of ideologies, personally I have come to the realisation that individuals do need to be more aware of who owns the media – it does matter who regulates, controls and has the power to view personal information. It is important to know WHAT and WHO your subjecting to.  Platforms such as Telstra have the power to access messages – ‘Sexting‘ between your loved one, is not private. This also means that intimate photos originally encoded and decoded between 2 individuals are now virtually attainable to anyone. Employers are able to view recent and past posts from your social media forums. Therefore a humorous video which is uploaded to Facebook or Instagram may be depict whether you are eligible to be hired.

A ‘Blasts from the past’ inhibiting opportunities is not how I in-vision my future. Hence why a cautious attitude, while creating an online profile/history is necessary on all platforms for all individuals!

Just a small video from a media platform ‘dubsmash‘ owned by Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik. Little did I know that being silly in my own home, could possibly ‘bite me in the back’ in the future!


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