Be conscious of cyber-bullying!

Be conscious of cyber-bullying!

Bullying hurts however never ending bullying is even more draining; going home to a myriad of hurtful messages, statuses and photos about you broadcast all over media makes you feel helpless and ashamed. You can’t jump through the computer screen and delete the disgraceful assumptions made about you for humour, being someone’s source of laughter and conversation for an hour at the expense of your emotional well being. TELL ME ABOUT IT… I UNDERSTAND.

Look to your right, you’ll perceive the photos on my Instagram as a very happy young girl… I am, now. Overcoming cyber bullying was rough, difficult and at times soul destroying. Nevertheless being a victim of bullying has helped me grow as a person. By developing techniques in how to handle different kinds of people, I am able to help others who are in need of advice on how to cope and manage situations like cyber-bullying. Experiencing cyber bullying has guided me in a direction where I never want to make another person feel the way I or my family previously did, however some victims of cyber-bullying in fact become the bully…

Social media is an enormous network, almost a whole other world; our information that used to be kept secret is now broadcasted all over the media.The effect of the media on society has caused great concern for many years; however recently, the vast growth in technology especially among youth has become a major social anxiety. Ultimately the way people use networking sites determines whether their personal lives remain secretive and private, in comparison to being open for the public. Therefore if you do not manage your privacy settings of your networking sites, may give others the opportunity to unleash their inner judgement, critique and at times brutal comments that may have a negative effect upon your life. Being spoken to in a disrespectful manner, especially in relation to your personal choices in life is never stress-free or uplifting. However, the way in which us as individual’s respond or react to personal attacks determines whether one moves forward or is virtually stuck in a vicious cycle; Cyber-bullying.

Due to the great effect that cyber bullying has in today’s society creates a fear that rocks the nation; happiness, confidence and lives are being taken away every day. Cyber bullying may stem from one’s perception of another individual’s choice in fashion…often referred to as being ‘too revealing’ ‘inappropriate’ and at times being talked about as an ‘attention seeker’. Instead of society blaming social media for constant online bullying they should delve deeper into the notion that if people weren’t concerned about what other individuals wore, than cyber-bullying wouldn’t occur. Social media is often put to blame for the effect upon individuals, rather than society fixing the problem; that we as human’s can have malicious opinions that may cause a negative impact. Due to the fact that cyber-bullying is very prevalent in youth, institutions such as schools should create awareness and coping skills to manage feelings of jealousy, anger or hatred towards another person; normal emotions that us as humans face throughout our lives, which in fact trigger cyber-bullying. Therefore the media shouldn’t be to blame for increased suicide, depression and anxiety rates. Although networking cites enable cyber-bullying, society should delve into and reconsider where the harsh words are originating from; a person, not a computer.

While social media is processed through a ‘screen’, we unfortunately do not see people’s reaction to interactions with one and other. By not seeing the person’s reaction, one that is cyber-bullying is less likely to experience feelings of empathy and sorrow, resulting in a continuous sequence. Therefore by joining social networking sites it is essential for individuals to choose their social networking ‘friendswisely. Also the way in which we display ourselves on social media vastly affects our position in the ‘firing line’ for cyber bullying…how you present yourself in an image on social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram, may provoke cyber-bullying. However, to blame or question social media as the cause or enabler of ‘cyber-bullying’ is unjust and unfair; society needs to recognise the social, cultural and background of each person who chooses to cyber-bully. The question should be why are members of society using such an incredible resource originally designed for worldwide interaction for putting people down!

This video puts into perspective that it is denial that assists in continuing cyber-bullying!


2 thoughts on “Be conscious of cyber-bullying!

  1. What an interesting post! I can see how your writing style has been influenced by your passion behind the issue of cyber-bullying, which makes the post that much more alluring. The fact that you have made the post personal also gains much of my respect. I completely agree with the points you are raising through out the blog, especially those in reference to society being to blame. The statistic video at the end of your post definitely strengthens your ideas about the effects of cyber-bullying, but I would personally love to see a few major statistics within the post. It would be very thought provoking to see some statistics such as the percentage of suicides caused by cyber-bullying within your own writing, which would also reinforce your point about society being to blame, not the media/ a computer. In saying that, I love how the ending sentence of the post emphasises the points you have raised earlier in the blog about society. It definitely finishes off the post with an eye opening and pondering tone.


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