Step into my world!

Step into my world!

Yum! Is that chocolate? I just cannot get enough.

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Oh hello there! I’m Amy, an original small town girl attached to the hip of my family!

I guess you could say I am a big kid. Although, I am that ‘cousin’ at a 10 year old birthday party still playing pass the parcel, I am also the one to go to for help in any circumstance.

This brings me to my goal; to become an English High School teacher due to my passion for writing or a journalist because I love to entertain, hence why I study a double degree in Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of communication and media studies at UOW … Wow what a tongue twister!

You’d think because I love reading and writing that it would be a passion that I was born with, however I was in fact a student who was tutored during primary school and was failing throughout my schooling years up until I repeated year 11! My new English teacher showed me all the basic techniques and skills in writing; placing 2nd in year 12 English gave me inspiration to guide students just like me.

Hmm, what do I do for fun!?

By day… Anything with a football, referee and a team of players I am ready to go! 7 years of competitive soccer, alongside touch football, netball and squad swimming.

When people mention ‘home’, most people vision a house where as I vision the beach!
The feeling of the crashing waves in conjunction with the sunshine striking my skin whilst my toes engulf in the sand exhilarates me and I just can’t get enough! Although I like to get down and dirty, you’ll probably witness me at the mall as a result of my obsession with clothes, fashion, and food! I take pleasure in watching romantic movies much like ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Crossroads’ because I am in love with the idea of love…which brings me to my boyfriend, Josh. He is definitely nothing short of perfect!

I am a perfectionist (currently editing this post) therefore my nail polish needs to be on point and my hair has to be straight, always. For this reason don’t be surprised if I whip out my hair straightener or nail polish anywhere, anytime.

I guess its hard to believe that a book worm and a sports fanatic would even remotely enjoy the night life; however, I take interest in the pounding noise of the latest music in clubs packed full of people!
Partying and nightclubs are not only a place to for me let my hair down and get a little wild, it is also a place where I can dance and socialise!

My mother thinks I am human with batteries that just won’t die due to my full on life style and need to keep busy!

Well before I bore you to Pluto and back, I’ll wrap it up here! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about what I learn at UOW!

N E V E R  F O R G E T  T O  S M I L E
N E V E R    F O R G E T   T O   S M I L E

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