The blame game

The blame game


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Feeling self-conscious of your appearance is never uplifting or confidence boosting.

Today I was looking at Dahla and wondered if she ever felt self conscious about having one eye, I then looked at Max and contemplated if he ever had to overcome any social challenges with missing teeth. I realised that they’re animals and don’t have these obstacles in life, but human’s face the obstacle of insecurities on a daily basis.

The media is often shunned in a ‘bad light’ due to the alleged causes of anxieties amongst the ‘victims’ of society – the youth, uneducated, working class and women.

I believe over time the ‘media’ has become entertainment for humans; ultimately a resource we now cannot live without. It is our source of conversation, communication and even online learning/shopping…Lunch dates have become phone calls, meaningful face to face conversations are now developed behind a small screen losing all sense of purpose and emotion. Children used to spend Christmas days outside with their neighbourhood friends on a new bike; now they’re spent inside on the latest iPhone – Young girls are introduced to Instagram and Facebook at earlier ages, where they’re faced with photo shopped pictures of their role models, leaving nothing but insecurities and jealousy issues. Eating disorders and bullying are on the rise due to the lack of empathy from peers; people no longer  witness the impact of harsh words. Therefore schools should promote and create more awareness of the impact of Cyber bullying, rather than assign a minor consequences of a lunch time detention for those students who do in fact cyber bully.

Although I begin to feel older, when I take a step back and notice the threat that technology is taking over our lives; I come to realise that it isn’t the Smartphone’s fault that we are antisocial – unable to navigate ourselves with the good old ‘street maps’.

Reality TV shows broadcasted all over the world purely based on sex, drugs and alcohol; Geordie shore, Jersey shore, The Valleys are causing adolescent’s to exchange barbie doll’s for vodka. However society doesn’t realise that these humorous icons broadcast over the media, shouldn’t be to blame. Therefore the parents who don’t use technologies such as channel blocking to their advantage are the cause for the increase in children losing their innocence.

Music used to be based on love, friendship and living free…now, purely based on sex, drugs and alcohol. Personally as an adult, music is an outlet to enjoy life. I enjoy listening to a range of music on the way to UOW or to the ‘club’, therefore I argue why should artist’s have to change their genre or style of music for the sake of the uneducated/adolescents – who in fact use this resource as an excuse to make poor choices such as alcohol abuse. Again, the artists should not be shamed… parents should not allow their children to be exposed to explicit music videos or songs. It is the level of knowledge and education that  an individual has which impacts our actions, of mirroring icons in the media or using the resource as an outlet to relax and be entertained.

The dialogue and image of this video is very, well…’rude’. However if the parents monitored the sites that their children are able to view, then they would not be exposed to adult themes.

Post your thoughts on media effects below 📷💻🎥


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