Step into my world!

Yum! Is that chocolate? I just cannot get enough.


Oh Hello there!

I’m Amy, and I guess you could say I am a big kid. Although, I am that ‘cousin’ at a 10 year old birthday party playing pass the parcel, I am also the one to go to for help in any circumstance. I love helping people.

 I am usually that person who has a 5 year plan, but ever since I started my double degree in Arts/Communication and Media my pathway has changed over again, and again.

Hmm, what do I do for fun!?

By day… Anything with a ball, referee and a team of players I am ready to go! 7 years of competitive soccer, alongside touch football, netball and squad swimming. As a result of dislocating my knee, I can only watch sport…for now. Come on Man City, you can do it! Up the Dragons, oi oi!

When people mention ‘home’, most people vision a house where as I vision the beach!
I can not get enough of the feeling of the crashing waves, sunkissed skin, and the sand between my toes.
Although I like to get down and dirty, you’ll probably witness me at the mall as a result of my obsession with clothes, fashion, and food!
I take pleasure in watching romantic movies much like ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Crossroads’ because I am in love with the idea of love…which brings me to my boyfriend, Josh. He is definitely nothing short of perfect!

I am a perfectionist (currently editing this post for the 100th time) therefore my nail polish needs to be on point and my hair has to be completely straight, always. For this reason don’t be surprised if I whip out my hair straightener or nail polish anywhere, anytime.
Dr Phil is love, Dr Phil is life…YES you read correct! My celebrity crush is Dr Phil; I spend most of my afternoons watching his latest videos or taking quiz’s on his website to ensure my own relationships are healthy and up to scratch!

You’re all probably sitting here thinking, how is this person so goal driven…but my guilty pleasure is much like any other young female. I love partying. Going out, and trying out all the new bars is fun to me. Hanging out and relaxing with people I love is a must when I work and

You are probably reading this and thinking that my life is well put together, but it wasn’t easy getting here! I love learning, but it isn’t something I was born with. I was failing throughout my schooling years, until I repeated year 11! My English teacher showed me all the basic techniques and skills in writing; placing 2nd in year 12 English gave me inspiration to guide students just like me.This brings me to my job. I work for AIME; The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Program. I work with 2000 high school students up and down the coast, to ensure they get through high school!

Well before I bore you, I’ll wrap it up here! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about what I learn at UOW!

N E V E R  F O R G E T  T O  S M I L E
N E V E R   F O R G E T   T O   S M I L E

4 thoughts on “Step into my world!

  1. Woo, first blog post. Go Amy! As much as I already know about you (and judging by how I knew you’d be mentioning chocolate in your ‘about me’, I must know a lot) – I still like reading about my best friend and what you have to say about yourself, I like how this blogging experience we’re exposed to can open up your eyes about the interests of even some of the people you already know, I’m sure you get what I mean? For example, I didn’t even know you liked the beach so much! We should definitely go sometime and sit there on snap chat being antisocial with each other. Though I couldn’t help but chuckle at your comment about you ‘whipping out your nail polish’, any time anywhere. I distinctly remember stating I could smell nail poilsh at Uni a few days ago, and of course it’s you painting your nails! I can’t wait to hear more about what you think about the world and the current issues in our society – particularly the media aspect and how it has affected you – you could even talk about Dr. Phil. (wink wink).


  2. As a UOW graduate myself (Grad Dip Ed 2004 and Master of Management 2013) I love reading the adventures of current UOW students. I taught English for a little while at Cronulla High and honestly believe that teaching is a noble profession (albeit a very difficult one to support a family single-handedly – hence I don’t teach anymore). So just remember what Dr Phil says: the best indicator or future behaviour is past behaviour. So make sure you develop a body of “past” behaviour consistent with where you want to go and you will be a success 🙂

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂



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